Saturday, September 23, 2006

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In 2003 Duane Chapman, AKA Dog the Bounty Hunter,
Leland Chapman and Tim Chapman were arrested in Mexico
for the apprehension of Andrew Luster. At their own
expense, they did what the Federal Government could
not or would not do. They had with them a Mexican
police officer (as demanded in Mexico). After the
apprehension of Luster all four men were arrested by
the Mexican police.

While in Mexico Andrew Luster was living under an
assumed name. Luster was not extradited to the United
States. He was cuffed and taken to the border where
US Authorities were waiting for him. All done in a
record 36 hours. Andrew Luster was expelled from
Mexico because he did not have proper identification
and paperwork.

The seven days spent by the Chapmans in a Mexican
jail cell, along with the public shame and humiliation
of being arrested (then and now), the court costs and
attorneys fees associated with this case and being
placed under house arrest is certainly adequate for
rehabilitation. Any thing more the Chapmans should
have to endure related to this case constitutes the
cruel and unusual punishment the Mexican Government
claims to abhor.

In 1990 the DEA hired Mexican bounty hunters, for
$50,000 to abduct a Mexican citizen, Dr. Humberto
Alvarez-Machain, who was only suspected of a crime, to
bring him to the United States where he could be
officially charged. After a Judge determined there
was not enough evidence to take Dr Humberto
Alvarez-Machain to trial, he returned to Mexico. He
then filed suit against the US Government and the
Bounty Hunters.

These Mexican bounty hunters are currently living in
the United States as a members of the witness
protection program. The judgment against Jose
Fransico Sosa, one of the bounty hunters, in the
amount of $25,000 was over turned by the higher

The United States Government fought tooth and nail to
protect itself and the Mexican bounty hunters from the
monetary damages that could have been imposed by their
decision to do just what the Chapmans did . They have
gone out of their way to protect the lives of the
Mexican bounty hunters they hired. Why is this same
United States Government not fighting tooth and nail
to protect the Chapmans?

We the people of the United States of America DEMAND
that the United States Government immediately exercise
some common sense by refusing this extradition request
and release Duane Chapman, Leland Chapman and Tim
Chapman from the threat of extradition.

We the people of the United States of America DEMAND
that the Mexican Government immediately exercise some
common sense and drop all pending charges against the
Champan's and release them from the threat of
extradition and/or prosecution

Thank You

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